Cafes in Dubai That Will Light Up Your Instagram

One of the best things in life is being a traveler with a big appetite. And why not, you not only get to see eye-popping places but also taste a variety of yummy cuisines just as I did on my recent visit to Dubai.

Dubai is a popular tourist destination and if you are a food blogger that has a trip planned here, you are in for a real surprise. Check out these cafes in Dubai to keep your Instagram buzzing in 2020.

Best Cafes in Dubai

Cocoa Room

From the decor to the food, in this place alone you can end up with Instagram-worthy photos for the whole month (yup, it is that freaking good). Unlike other cafes, here the tabletops are not wooden. In fact, Cocoa Room has marble tabletops and antique-looking plates which give it a rustic look.

When it comes to food, this is the place for everything desserts in Dubai. I tried their lemon blueberry tart and the Nutella french toast and they were mouthwatering, My friends tried the white chocolate croissant and the Mille Feuille which were just as impressive.

And when you combine that with the decor, it gives you photos that both wow and make you hungry.

Rose Leaf Cafe

Another cafe that will instantly grab the eye and have you fallen in love with it is the Rose Leaf Cafe, especially if you love being surrounded by nature. That is because the cafe is located in the Garden Centre and thus has beautiful flowers and plants all around making it a highly photogenic place.

The one thing that I enjoyed the most here was the carrot cake but that there are plenty of other cakes to choose from as well. This includes lemon curd tart, victoria sponge cake, and even brownies. If you are there celebrating a birthday, you where to get the cake from now.

Lime Tree Cafe

If you like outdoor seating where you can relax with your friends chit-chatting or catch on some work with your laptop, the Lime Tree Cafe is just where you want to be. The wooden tables along with gives the whole cafe a rustic look.

And if you happen to sit on the inside, you still can enjoy the warm, fuzzy natural light of the sun thanks to the large windows. Tiramisu cake and carrot cake are their highlights. The frosting of the carrot is definitely something you are going to want to try once you are back home.

4. Gossip Cafe and Desserts

Another place with excellent outdoor and indoor seating, the Gossip cafe and Desserts is just what its name suggests. A great place to be surrounded by friends while you enjoy the yummy desserts.

While the decor impresses the food and desserts are definitely the highlights of this cafe. The strawberry-vanilla french toast is the breakfast of the gods. Truthfully, if heaven does not have breakfast like this there, I ain’t going (because it is that yummy). Even the truffle eggs are worth trying.

Apart from these, Yamanote and Salt are two other cafes that are wroth visiting to add some impressive photos to your portfolio.