5 Tools a Baker’s Armory is Incomplete Without

Wondering what kind of baking tools should you invest in as you still are in the learning stage? Here are 5 that will become indispensable to you after a few months.

1. Baking Tins

While it lacks a little in durability, what makes these Kurtzy tins a great buy is their versatility.

You get tins from as small as 18cm in diameter to an Extra Large 28cm tin so you can easily make a 6-tier or smaller cake with this set (the power is completely in your hands).

And no the cake won’t stick to the bottom either as the tins are all non-stick so you do not have waste a lot of butter or oil greasing the tins.

This also makes hand washing them very easy as they do not need to scrubbed or you can even throw them into the dishwasher.

2. Oven

This 20L microwave oven has ample room to bake 2-3 or more cakes at a time so you complete smaller order or bake or a small gathering in a jiffy.

And when you are baking, you can also enjoy grilled food, make rice, etc. thanks to its 24 auto cooking options.

It also features a defrost setting which lets you defrost and meats and veggies in minutes. And don’t worry about leaving the food in the oven as the Keep warm function maintain temperature for about 90-minutes.

It also has a child lock feature so no one can accidentally mess up your baking or cooking while adjusting temperature, timer, etc. is quite simple with the touch controls.

3. Cooling Rack

Once the cake is out of the oven it needs to be cooled down before you can cream it so it does not fall apart and for that, a good durable cooling rack is a must.

Well, that is just what the cooling rack by Syga is. The wired rack is large enough for 1 large or 2 smaller cakes or 15-16 cookies or those fancy French bread.

And since it is also non-stick, you no longer have to worry about your cakes and cookies breaking down when you take them off the cooling rack. This also makes cleaning the rack a breeze

In case you have multiple orders at once, you can also go for multi-level racks that allow you to cool cakes, cookies, bread, etc. all at once.

4. Cookie Cutters

Wondering how to get those flawless heart-shaped or star-shaped cookies? Simple, you use cookies cutters.

This set of 12 cutters from Syga comes with 4 designs namely, flower, star, heart and round with 3 sizes of each shape.

The cutters are also made of non-stick stainless steel material so any dough on the cutter can be easily removed rather than getting wasted.

5. Fondant Plunger Cutters

Just like cookie cutters, you also get fondant cutters that help carve out those intricate fondant designs of flowers, butterflies, leaves, etc.

This set by Syga includes 33 cutters of different shapes and sizes. Since these are plunger cutters, all you need to do is roll out the fondant, place and press the plunger and voila, you will have a detailed design sure to leave people in awe of your cake.

Also, the set is made out of durable food-grade plastic which makes it safe to use for years to come and easy to clean.