4 Reason Every Baker Should Have a Stand Mixer

Planning to buy a stand mixer for yourself? Not sure if it is worth the cost? A lot of people use hand mixers for mixing dough or whisking eggs as it is cheap and easy to use.

However, a hand mixer requires a lot of effort on your part and can be quite messy sometimes. This is where a stand mixer rescues you, it performs the mixing without requiring additional effort from your side and provides you a mess-free mixture in just a few minutes.

Still not convinced about it? Then, read on to know about the 4 major advantages of using a stand mixer:

Hands-free experience

Everyone who has ever cooked a meal for their family knows that cooking is not simple and easy and doesn’t involve just one task to be accomplished. There are a series of tasks and methods one needs to perform before they can prepare something decent to eat for their friends and family.

There are so many steps involved in cooking like dicing the vegetables, mixing the ingredients, preparing bread dough, and so on. If you were to focus on one task at a time, then you would end up spending half a day preparing food itself.

This is where a stand mixer can help you. Since this mixer runs on electricity and is automated, you just need to pile your ingredients together in a bowl, use the appropriate attachment and switch on the mixer. It will do the rest of the work itself and you don’t have to slave for hours, mixing and whisking.


Another advantage of using a stand mixer is that you can perform a variety of tasks with this small piece of equipment. A lot of people think that a stand mixer is only good for preparing cakes, doughs, bread, etc. but in reality, one can perform a lot more tasks apart from these.

With the proper attachments, you can prepare juice, diced vegetables, prepare pasta, prepare bread dough, whisk eggs and so on with your stand mixer.

Efficiency and Consistency

A stand mixer will efficiently perform all the tasks with appropriate power and performance and you don’t have to worry about the ingredients or mixtures of being inconsistent.

You can prepare consistent batter and cake with the help of your stand mixer and not tire your arms in this process. Just combine your ingredients in a bowl and use the beater at an adequate speed to give you a consistent and voluminous mixture.

Powerful and Controllable

This is yet another advantage of a stand mixer, they are quite powerful for heavy mixes and can be easily controlled with the help of a few buttons.

Since a stand mixer comes in all shapes and sizes, you can easily find a high-power motor stand mixer whose speed and settings you can adjust accordingly to ensure a complete and consistent mix. You also would never have to worry about spilled or spattered batter ever again.

Now that you know why you need a stand mixer the next step is to pick the right stand mixer and this guide below should help you do just that.